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Active Shooter Preparedness Training

This training provides an overview of best practices in workplace security standards, and an opportunity to participate in a simulated incident designed to help participants learn how to prepare for, respond to and recover from an active shooter situation.

Topics Include:

  • Best Practices in Workplace Security Policies & Procedures
  • OSHA General Clause Mandate to provide a safe workplace.
  • Key workplace violence prevention policies and procedures. Reducing the Potential for Workplace Violence.
  • Hardening the target and empowering employees to observe and report.
  • Behavioral indicators of potentially disruptive and violent incidents. Active Shooter: How to Prepare, Respond and Recover
  • Understanding the active shooter’s profile and intent.
  • Run, hide, fight, and recover as an organization. Active Shooter Simulation Training
  • Participants will experience an active shooter simulation.
  • Includes simulated gunfire and engagement by law enforcement officers

Highly Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have over 50 years of combined experience in law enforcement, including a former Navy SEAL, SWAT Team Commander, and Police Academy Instructors to name a few. We also have a licensed behavioral health provider.

Workplace Security Best Practices

Behavioral Indicators

Employees will learn behavioral indicators of potentially disruptive incidents to identify and properly react.

Empowering Employees

Develop the skills necessary to empower employees to react, observe, report and recover from violent incidents.

Policy & Procedures

We will discuss Best Practices in Workplace Security Policies and Procedures to help reduce the potential for workplace violence and the OSHA General Clause Mandate to provide a safe workplace.

Live Simulation

Participants will take part in a live active shooter simulation covering: How to Prepare, Respond and Recover. This will include simulated gunfire and law enforcement engagement.

In the News

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